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Your best multilingual translation partner in Hong Kong

Accurate, Fast, Affordable And Professional Translation

ASAP Translation is an international translation and content management service company, and it is undoubtedly the leading translation and content management service provider in Hong Kong. Since its establishment in 2004, ASAP Translation has been providing leading professional translations for a rapidly growing global customer base. By providing a series of services in line with business and social goals, ASAP Translation is committed to strengthening corporate and individual customers to show the world the benefits of its brand. The services we provide include multilingual professional translation, proofreading, interpretation, transcription, copywriting and transcreation.

5000 Translators And Content Creation Team

Our highly efficient team of experts has provided valuable services to corporate and retail clients over the past 16 years, enabling us to maintain our leading position in the translation industry in Hong Kong The ASAP Translation team has the highest level of qualifications and experience, and is good at translating written and spoken content from the original language into another language. And our outstanding team can also translate all kinds of content, providing customers with first-class professional translations that meet local standards.

All translators have rich experience and talents in different fields so that we can meet the needs of all industries. We will translate company policies, e-commerce platform content, company blogs, contracts, and terms and conditions on different documents for business customers; and our services for individual customers include private letters, personal blogs, and social media content. In other words, no matter who you are or do any activity, as long as you need a professional translator, ASAP Translation is your first choice.

We can say to you with pride and confidence that ASAP Translation translates more than 3 million words and more than 150 languages ​​every year. At the same time, our world-class Hong Kong translation company is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and the Association for Globalization and Localization (GALA), and the services provided are in compliance with the code of conduct established by these organizations.

ASAP Translation's translation can give you an unexpectedly high response. Our Hong Kong translation team can not only provide 24x7 fast service at a very competitive price, but also ensure that the translation meets or exceeds the expectations of each client. In short, our team can provide fast and accurate translations within the framework of your budget.

Translation company backed by advanced technology

In fact, ASAP Translation prioritizes the purchase and use of the latest technological equipment in the industry, which means that we keep up with the pace of development in the upstream, and maintain a close relationship with the industry itself and are effective.

Our translators use current technologies such as SDL, Trados, Memoq, Memsource, TWS and Smartling to assist in the production of outstanding translations and content, just like the "accurate, fast, affordable and professional" symbolized by our company name. We insist on using the latest translation aids in the industry in order to provide appropriate services. Even with the continuous development of translation technology, we and our customers will never lag behind.

Determined to be your one-stop translation partner

Our ultimate mission is to create the highest global brand awareness for all customers through comprehensive translation and content creation services. Our strategically designed end-to-end augmented enterprise solution is used to facilitate this purpose. Our goal is to ensure that language barriers will not affect the communication between you and your readers, and at the same time pass the information clearly to them.

Our vision is to build and maintain a reputation for excellence, to become a world-class global partner, and to be well-known overseas by providing high-quality multilingual professional translations for local and international clients and contact us.

Regardless of the size of the project, our project manager will take care of it. Even if your project is not large in scale, we will treat you with the same level of service for large projects and provide excellent services for all projects.

In addition to providing excellent and professional translations, ASAP Translation is also committed to ensuring that documents are highly confidential. We attach great importance to your privacy and intellectual property rights, so we have formulated a modern and strategic agreement mechanism and a check and balance mechanism to prevent the leakage of customer information. One of these measures is a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which every translator must sign during the recruitment phase.

Hong Kong translation company with unique advantages

It is difficult to find a translation company in the market that integrates features and advantages like ours, so this is exactly one of the reasons why ASAP Translation has become the preferred translation agency for many local and international clients.

If you are looking for the best Hong Kong translation company, ASAP Translation is your best choice. Our services will meet or exceed your expectations, and we are very confident that once you experience our services, you will be convinced that ASAP Translation will continue to dominate the global and Hong Kong translation market for decades to come.

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